Saturday, November 17, 2012

Golden Boy

A brief moment of humor (and pain) in the middle of deadline chaos (true story):

8am, Saturday. Productive grad student (aka Golden Boy) sends email: I am derailed because of this blinding pain in my elbow. Need to go to the ER.

    Prof: Ouch!  What's the diagnosis?

Golden Boy: Gave me some painkillers. repetitive stress injury. elbow is inflamed - will x-ray after the inflammation has gone down. can't keep the elbow at an angle -typing with left hand.

    Prof: Ouch!  First ISCA casualty in 10 years! :-)

Golden Boy: not giving up because of this. will continue the expts in the evening. might not happen. but still

    Prof: gasping out his last words... two at a time.. hindi movie style...

Golden Boy: :D ... from phone.

Golden Boy (1 minute later): how do we calculate [...] energy ? kshitij's model ?

Meanwhile, repurcussions around the world...

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